EPF UAN Name, Date of Birth Change: Online Process and Form

Do you want to change your name in PF account because it is misspelt in the EPF database? Do you want to change the name because your surname is changed after the marriage? Is your PF withdrawal is stuck because of the wrong name or date of birth?

 You are at the right place. In this post, I would tell you about the new method of online name and date of birth correction. You can also learn the old method of change in personal details. You can also download the PDF of the Name and date of birth correction form.

The Problem of Wrong Name and Date of Birth

You are not the alone there are thousands of people who want correction in the EPF account. Indeed, A small error in name or date of birth can jeopardize your EPF account balance. But, in most of the cases, you detect these error only at the time of the PF withdrawal or online PF transfer. Your name spelling may be wrong. Your date of birth and mobile number may be also wrong. I myself have gone through this situation.

I had three PF accounts because the company itself has changed its name and I was transferred to its subsidiary. But there was a discrepancy in the initial 2 EPF accounts. In the first account, my name is spelt as Chadrakant Mishra. While in the second account, my birth month is March instead of the May. I found out about this error when I was filling my withdrawal form. The HR manager told me that there are some errors in my account. He cautioned me that if I don’t correct the name and date of birth error, the withdrawal may stuck. It was really very frustrating. Because of someone else fault I was feeling helpless. Later, I found, there are many EPF accounts which have some discrepancy. Some of our colleagues have the similar problem.

 However, my HR department itself gave me a form to correct the name and date of birth. It has been two months, but the date of birth is not changed. Name has been rectified.  Today I will share you my learning of the EPF name change procedure. I will also share the EPF name correction form with you.

EPF Name/DOB/Gender Change Rules

You can’t change the name/DOB/Gender in EPF database. Since, you have not given these details to the EPFO, you alone can’t give an application for the name or ‘date of birth’ change. Changing the name in the EPF account should be done jointly by you and your employer. Both of you should give an application to correct the name. In the old process, both of you have to give a joint application. But now, you have to apply online and your employer would also approve it online.

For offline name/DOB change application, you have to also attach the identity proof. Whereas, if you are applying online, it is done through the approved Aadhaar data. Thus you are not required to upload any identity proof.

EPF name date of birth change

New and Online Method To Change Name and Date of Birth

Change Through UAN Portal

The new method of correction in name, date of birth and gender requires the UAN member portal. It is also called as the Unified member portal.  You can login to this portal using your UAN and password. Note, You can access the UAN portal only after the UAN activation. Through this portal, you can also apply for EPF transfer and EPF withdrawal. It also gives the facility to upload KYC data and link your Aadhaar with the UAN.

Note: If your Aadhaar is linked to the UAN and your employer has approved it then you can’t change the personal details. As UAN and Aadhaar link only after the detail matches.

Requirements to Change Name or date of birth

  1. You should have the UAN
  2. The UAN should be activated
  3. You can access the unified member portal
  4. You must have the Aadhaar.

Steps to Change Name and Date of Birth

Step 1: Login to unified member portal using your UAN and password.

 Step 2: In the dashboard, go to the ‘Manage’. Click on ‘Modify Basic details’.

unified portal loginchange personal details uan

Step 3: You have to give the correct details as per Aadhaar (System will verify the details with
UIDAI- Aadhaar Data)

Step 4: When you click on “Update Details” your application is forwarded to the employer. The employer has to approve it. Till an employer approves the application, you can delete this request.

name change form

Step 5: Employer will login to Employer Interface of Unified Portal

Step 6: Employer can view the change requests submitted by employees by clicking on “Member>Details Change Request”

employer login uanemployer approval

Step 7: Employer can view the online requests received from employees and can thus take appropriate action by giving the proper remark.

Employer approval for name change

Step 8: After approval of the request, the employer can see the latest status of the request.

Name dob change process

Step 9: After the due verification the regional EPFO office approves the rectification in name and date of birth of the employee.

Offline Method of EPF Name and Date of Birth Change

To change your name or date of birth you have to submit a joint declaration. This declaration is signed by you and your employer. I have given the detailed information about this form below. Along with this form, you have to submit the copy of identity proofwhich has a correct name. Identity proof can be any of these documents.

  • PAN Card
  • Voters Identity Card
  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • ESIC Identity Card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Bank passbook copy/Post Office Passbook.
  •  Ration card
  •  Any school/education certificateCertificate issued by Registrar of Birth & Death.
  • Certificate based on the service records of the Central/State Government Organization.
  •  Copy of electricity/water/telephone bill in the name of the claimant.
  •  Letter from a recognized public authority or public servant verifying the identity and residence of the member to the satisfaction of the competent authority

EPF Name Change Application Form

As I have told, the EPF name change application should be given jointly by you and your employer. There is a prescribed format for this application. I am attaching a sample form of the name correction. In this form, you need to fill the address of the regional Pf commissioner, your name and company name. You have to also fill the correct particulars in the given column. Fill only those column which are required. Leave all other columns blank.
EPF name change form

Steps of PF Name Change

  1. Download the name correction form.
  2. Fill your details and print it.
  3. Sign the printed form and get it signed by your employer.
  4. Get it stamped with company seal.
  5. Attach the self-attested copy of identity proof with the application.
  6. Now, It is the responsibility of your employer to send the application to the regional PF commissioner.

Change In the Name Due To the Marriage

You can also change the name in EPF database after the marriage. Often, women change their surname after the marriage. If they change their surname in bank records and office records, they should also change it in the EPF database. To change the surname in EPF account due to the marriage, you need to fill the Prescribed form and attach the copy of marriage certificate.

However, if you did not change your name in bank account and office records, Don’t change in EPF database as well. To withdraw EPF, the name in EPF database and bank account should be same.

How To Check The Name and Date of Birth in The EPF Account

After the application of EPF name change, you need to be assured. Therefore, you can check the status of name and date of birth online. To check, whether the name change implemented or not, Login into UAN portal. From this portal, you can download the EPF UAN passbook. This passbook contains your name and date birth. Check for any mismatch and desired correction in the passbook.

Change of Email Address and Mobile Number

You can change your email address and mobile number online very easily. EPF has given this facility at its UAN portal. Login at the UAN portal (https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface) by using your UAN. If you don’t know the UAN, you can get UAN from the same portal. From the UAN portal, you can download EPF passbook, upload KYC document and change email or mobile number.

Change In Communication Address

Surprisingly, EPFO does not give any way to change your communication address. Neither, it is mentioned your UAN dashboard. However, every time you apply for PF withdrawal or PF transfer, you need to give your address. You can change the address at that time. EPFO does maintain your address but sends the communication to the recent address given by you.

Source:- planmoneytax